Air Conditioning Compliance and Regulations

The regulations surrounding HVAC systems, especially Air Conditioning systems can be confusing for building managers to understand.  Salix is here as your trusted advisor to not only help you understand what your obligations are, but also ensure that you remain compliant at all times.

Some inspections are required by legislation, others are advisory, while some are required by system manufacturers in order to uphold the equipment warranty.

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F-gas regulations


Fgas regulations essentially cover the safe monitoring and handling of fluorinated gases (f-gases).  This means that by law, systems with more than 3Kg of f-gas require regular servicing, in order to ensure the system condition is satisfactory.  The main risk around systems containing f-gases is the danger of a refrigerant leak, which can be very harmful to the environment.  The volume of refrigerant in your system is what determines the regularity of the service that you require.  In summary, these frequencies are:

  • 3-30kg in system – every 12 months
  • 30-300kg – every 6 months, or every 12 months if leak detection is fitted
  • 300kg + - every 6 months, assuming leak detection is fitted

F-gas qualifications are issued and administered by Refcom

TM44 Inspections


Air conditioning systems of a certain size require a TM44 Inspection every 5 years – these are different to f-gas checks and are more focused on the operating efficiency of the systems.  TM44 inspections are governed by the Energy Performance of Buildings Directive.

A TM44 inspection covers a detailed check over the air conditioning and ventilation equipment, inspection of ductwork, and an assessment of the controls.  Following the inspection, you will be issued with guidance around the efficiency of your system and anything you need to consider to improve its efficiency.

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It is important at all times to keep accurate and up-to-date records relating to your HVAC systems.  This is not only good practice but a necessity – you can be asked to produce TM44 and f-gas documentation on various audits and you could be subject to a fine if you are unable to produce these or they are out of date.

For this very reason, Salix has developed its own online document management portal – keeping all of your documents:

  • In one place
  • Right up to date
  • Easily accessible whenever you want them
  • In your control

On your request, we will issue you with your personal log-in, where you can view all service reports, logs and even view your recent invoices.

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