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Common Questions Around Air Conditioning And Ventilation Systems

Building owners and users regularly confuse air conditioning and ventilation systems, discussing them as though they perform the same role.  While they both contribute to an optimum indoor environment, their roles are quite different – sometimes you need both, sometimes just one or the other!  We have listed out some questions that we get asked,…

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Ventilation Validation

  What Is A Ventilation Validation Survey?   In most instances of modern ventilation systems, we would assume that the ventilation equipment has been correctly designed and sized, to serve the area in which it is installed.  However, sometimes there is a requirement to carry out an independent ventilation validation survey, to ensure that the ventilation…

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HVAC Systems in Schools, Colleges, and Universities

Schools and other educational buildings often pose a challenge when considering the climate control and ventilation systems.  Many factors contribute to this including the size and layout of the buildings, the number of people in confined spaces and ageing buildings with poor insulation values. Keeping buildings warm in the winter, cool in the summer and…

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Air Conditioning Installer London – Supply And Maintenance

Salix Air Conditioning are a family business with over 30 years in the industry serving a range of clients across all sectors – health facilities, local authorities, schools, universities, office buildings, leisure centres, and much more.   We are an experienced air conditioning installer in London, and we can advise on the best design and…

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Should I Repair Or Replace My Air Conditioning System?

My air conditioning system is getting old, does it need replacing? Like many good questions, the answer is not straightforward as it depends on several factors. How many hours has the system run? Is it running 24/7 or just in the summer when it gets extremely hot? Is it working extra hard cooling an area…


Maintenance Of Your Air Conditioning System

The term ‘F-gas’ is an abbreviated term used to describe fluorinated gases that are used in a wide range of applications, including in air conditioning and refrigeration systems.  There are various different types of f-gases, the most commonly used within HVAC equipment are hydrofluorocarbons (HFCs). These different types of f-gas refrigerant gases are often referred…

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HVAC Systems in Leisure Centres, Gyms and Health Clubs

Leisure environments can be challenging when it comes to climate control – installing and maintaining the correct HVAC systems will be key to ensuring that your customers experience is what it should be.  Hot and steamy environments, coupled with small, enclosed spaces make ventilation and temperature control a challenge and increase the need for regular…


HVAC Systems in Offices

What is the best way to heat or cool an office?   Air Conditioning is regularly and commonly used in office environments as a method for cooling and heating the space.  Air conditioning is a relatively efficient way of heating or cooling a large space and has the advantage of providing a comfortable atmosphere all…


Can My Air Conditioning System Be Repaired?

There are a number of factors that will influence air conditioning repair, but in most cases, an air conditioning system can be repaired if it is not working satisfactorily.  There are a number of things that you might notice in the lifetime of your air conditioning system including: A drop in cooling or heating performance…

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What is a TM44 Inspection?

A TM44 inspection is carried out by an accredited assessor covering the overall operating efficiency of your Air Conditioning and ventilation systems.  This includes an appraisal as to whether the system is adequate for the space it covers, as well as a detailed analysis of the control of the system and how this is set…

Our Accreditations and Certifications

Salix Mechanical are trusted air conditioning installers and are certified to install and maintain all leading heating, ventilation, and air conditioning brands including Daikin, Mitsubishi, Panasonic, Toshiba, Swegon, Samsung, and Fujitsu. As a certified contractor for these systems, this allows us to uphold the manufacturer’s warranty for your systems and ensure the best performance and efficiency while extending the operating lifetime through regular, professional maintenance.

Our engineers are F-Gas certified by Refcom and servicing is carried out in accordance with the Mechanical Services Maintenance Standards set out in SFG20.

We also carry industry and health & safety accreditations such as SMAS, Construction Line Gold, GFSL, and Achilles, giving you peace of mind that you are backed up by a professional and recognised M&E contractor. 

We are clear on our reason for being – not to be the cheapest air conditioning contractor, but to offer the best value to our customers.  This is because we firmly believe that the best air conditioning design and quality installation, coupled with a robust maintenance program is the most economical long-term plan.  Taking shortcuts today might cost less, but will almost certainly cause problems down the line. 

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