Commercial Heating & Boiler Servicing

We specialise in the service and repair of commercial and industrial heating systems - keeping you safe and compliant.

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Commercial Heating Experts


Salix specialises in the service and repair of commercial and industrial heating systems, keeping you safe and compliant while keeping your heating system running reliably and efficiently.

Working across many different sectors from Offices to Leisure Centres, Schools to Hotels and much more, Salix have been keeping customers heating systems running since 1982.

Please note that Salix does not provide services to domestic dwellings.

Commercial Boiler Breakdown And Servicing


In the normal course of things, most modern boilers are reliable and as long as they are maintained on a regular basis, it is rare for them to break down.  In the instance where you do experience a problem with your boiler, Salix are on hand to support you with this, getting your heating systems back up and running quickly to minimise interruption to your business activities.

Commercial boilers should be serviced annually by a competent, Gas Safe registered boiler engineer.  Servicing your boiler will give you a number of benefits as well as keeping you safe and compliant.  By maintaining your commercial boiler, any faults or issues will be identified before they worsen, which could lead to a more costly breakdown or possible failure.

A commercial boiler should last for up to 20 years if properly maintained, but this can be significantly reduced if the boiler is not maintained.

One of the most serious consequences of not having your boiler maintained is a potential gas leak, causing damage to building occupants and property, which at worst can lead to loss of life.

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What Is Included In A Boiler Service?


A boiler service must be carried out in accordance with The Gas Safety (installation and use) Regulations 1998 and should be carried out at least once a year.

An annual boiler service will typically include the following steps:

  • Check overall installation of boiler, pipework and flue
  • Check gas pipework for any corrosion or damage
  • Check over all working parts for damage or wear:
    • Boiler Burner
    • Heat exchanger
    • Injector
    • Spark probe
    • Electrical connections
    • Fans
    • Seals and Gaskets
    • Gas pressure
    • Flue
    • Condensate pipes
    • Safety devices

Gas Safety Checks


Premises with ageing gas pipework should carry out an annual gas pipework inspection to ensure that gas pipework is not deteriorating to the point where it is becoming a hazard.  Likewise, any gas safety shut-off valves should be tested for operation on a regular basis, to ensure that they are operating effectively in the case of a required gas shut-off.

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Air Source Heat Pump Servicing


With the growing market for renewable heat sources, Salix are offering maintenance and repair works for Air Source Heat Pumps units.

Air source heat pumps can be very effective and efficient, but they can also be sensitive to slight changes in operating conditions and it is essential that these units are well-maintained – for example, the coil on the outdoor unit must be kept clean, to enable the required heat transfer.

If an Air source heat pump is not maintained, it can quickly drop in its efficiency rating, negating the potential benefits that the system brings in the first place.

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