Can My Air Conditioning System Be Repaired?

There are a number of factors that will influence air conditioning repair, but in most cases, an air conditioning system can be repaired if it is not working satisfactorily.  There are a number of things that you might notice in the lifetime of your air conditioning system including:

  • A drop in cooling or heating performance
  • Air conditioning gives off an unpleasant smell
  • An increase in electricity usage for air conditioning
  • Ice building up on pipework or coils
  • Water leaks from the indoor unit
  • Noisy air conditioning units – indoor and outdoor
  • Faulty air conditioning control

There are some items, which you can expect to need repairing during the lifetime of your air conditioning systems, but this should not be a regular or repeated occurrence.  If you are experiencing ongoing air conditioning breakdowns or repairs, this could point to either a lack of maintenance on your system or a problematic installation initially.

What are the most common air conditioning repairs?


The most common air conditioning repairs include items such as:

  • Repair air conditioning condensate pump
  • Repair air conditioning fan motor
  • Repair leaking air conditioning system
  • Diagnose air conditioning system not working

Salix have engineers covering the Southeast of England, available to attend callouts at short notice if you have one of the above problems, or indeed any other problems within your HVAC systems.

A Salix engineer performing an intricate repair on an Air Conditioning system.

How much does it cost to repair air conditioning?


There is no single or simple answer to this question as the scope of a repair can vary so much.  Some simple faults will be easily diagnosed and resolved within the cost of an engineer callout, resulting in a cost of less than £200.

At the other end of the scale, a complex leak detection on a large air conditioning system could take multiple days for an engineer to undertake, or the replacement of a coil in a large unit will likely come with significant cost, both for parts and for labour.

Some other common repairs to your air conditioning could include:

  • Replacement of an air conditioning condensate pump which could cost you in the region of £250-500
  • Replacement of an air conditioning fan motor which could cost in the region of £300-400

In some cases, the repair could come in the form of a deep clean to your air conditioning system – this essentially involves completely stripping your unit down, removing and thoroughly cleaning all the parts, before re-assembling.  Deep cleans on your air conditioning are required where there is excessive build-up of dirt, normally due to either lack of attention in the past, or an excessively dirty environment in which the units are installed.

As a guide, a deep clean to a single air conditioning unit could cost in the region of £150-250.

We would always recommend speaking to your Air Conditioning specialist, even for routine repairs, as there are many situations that may affect the prices we have quoted above.

Please note that all prices stated are correct at the time of writing and are subject to the current rate of VAT, as well as changes in cost prices.

A Salix engineer performing a repair on a condenser unit.

Is it possible to source replacement parts for my air conditioning system?


In most cases, your HVAC specialist will be able to source spare air conditioning parts in the event of a breakdown.  As your system gets older, it is increasingly likely that parts could become obsolete, which can lead to questions around the viability of repairing your system.

Preventative maintenance for your air conditioning systems


The single biggest recommendation we make to minimise air conditioning repair costs is to put in place a planned, preventative maintenance programme.  Not only will this keep your systems clean and efficient, but more importantly it allows an expert to diagnose problems that could escalate, leading to worse repairs and higher expenses.

It is best to think of the cost of maintenance as an investment, rather than an expense.  You are investing in the increased lifetime of your HVAC systems, as well as preventing larger, unexpected and unwanted costs of breakdown and repair.

An example of this is an air conditioning fan motor that is showing signs of potential problems – while a noisy air conditioning fan motor might not seem like a big problem in itself, the problem can escalate if not addressed, leading to knock-on damage to other parts within your air conditioning unit.

This is not to say that preventative maintenance will completely eradicate the need for air conditioning repairs, but it is proven to minimise, control and allow you to budget for it.

Air Conditioning problems?  Speak to Salix today and put our expert engineer team to the test!

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