Education Facility in Middlesex

Case Study: Education Facility in Hertfordshire

Maintenance of HVAC equipment, including air conditioning, ventilation, refrigeration and extractor fans.

Case Study - School

The Site

This exclusive independent Boys school in Hertfordshire is renowned for its continual pursuit of excellence, both in terms of academic results as well as the learning experience for its students.
A vital part of any educational establishment like this includes the facilities – the buildings, the services, internal and external environments and much more.
Over many years, Salix has assisted clients in the educational sector to achieve and maintain optimal climate control, while ensuring compliance with legal F-Gas legislation. Start Your Salix Experience Today

The Scope

Required works on this site include:

  • Annual F-Gas Checks and Certification.
  • Routine 4-monthly servicing of all Air Conditioning and Ventilation equipment.
  • Disinfection fumigation of Air Conditioning systems as part of the routine service.
  • Carrying out all remedial works, as identified on service visits, to ensure optimum system operation and maximising equipment lifetime.
  • Ensuring optimal Air Quality throughout all space through effective ventilation.
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The Solution

Salix has set up an AirCare maintenance agreement with this customer, giving them complete peace of mind and taking the stress of the maintenance schedule out of their hands.

  • 4-monthly Service Visits covering
    • Air Conditioning
    • Ventilation
    • Refrigeration
    • Extract Fans
  • Annual F-Gas Compliance Checks
  • Regular Disinfection fumigation
Also included is the filter changes on Air Handling units, including both the annual main filter change, as well as the interim pre-filter changes.
Regular filter changes ensure optimum air quality while maintaining the condition of the air handling units and protecting the fans from excessive debris build-up. Start Your Salix Experience Today

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