HVAC Service Record Management Online Portal

All your air conditioning information & service records, all in one place with paperless convenience!

What is the Online Record Management Portal?

Having nearly 40 years of experience in the HVAC industry, the Salix team has perfected and fine-tuned their processes and procedures and have recognised that our clients also would appreciate benefiting from our knowledge and expertise.

The online record management portal allows you to keep all your service records, certificates, inspection records, and more in one secure convenient and central location. This allows for easier compliance with regulations and industry standards.

And, Last but not least, it is a completely paperless system that promotes and aligns with eco-friendly practices and trends.

From This...

Paperless HVAC Management

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What are the Benfits of the Salix HVAC Management Portal?

Request a callout or job from within the portal

Save time with instant access to all service records

Records are securely stored

Gives you instant access to your records from any device

Stores all certificates and inspection records

Helps make compliance with regulations and industry standards easy


Climate. Controlled.


Control. It’s what we do. It’s also what we give you, with a wealth of tools and information that ensure you always have all the details about your equipment’s history with Salix.

What Can I Track on The Portal?


A record of all your equipment models and specs.


Revisit every Salix job carried out on any of your equipment.

Job Request

Need help? Book quickly, simply and directly.

Invoices & Credit Notes

All your Salix invoices and credit notes, all in one place, securely.

Maintenance Contracts

Review your Salix service contract details for each piece of equipment.


Quickly search your jobs, equipment lists and details of your maintenance contracts.

Air Conditioning Insallation

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The Salix Online Management Portal is available to all contracted Salix customers. If you’ve used the portal before, please log in. If having dificulty, please see the user guide below. If you wish to enquire how to get access to this portal and have a Salix team member contact you, please fill out the form below to get started!

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Our Accreditations and Certifications

Salix Mechanical are trusted air conditioning installers and are certified to install and maintain all leading heating, ventilation, and air conditioning brands including Daikin, Mitsubishi, Panasonic, Toshiba, Swegon, Samsung, and Fujitsu. As a certified contractor for these systems, this allows us to uphold the manufacturer’s warranty for your systems and ensure the best performance and efficiency while extending the operating lifetime through regular, professional maintenance.

Our engineers are F-Gas certified by Refcom and servicing is carried out in accordance with the Mechanical Services Maintenance Standards set out in SFG20.

We also carry industry and health & safety accreditations such as SMAS, Construction Line Gold, GFSL, and Achilles, giving you peace of mind that you are backed up by a professional and recognised M&E contractor. 

We are clear on our reason for being – not to be the cheapest air conditioning contractor, but to offer the best value to our customers.  This is because we firmly believe that the best air conditioning design and quality installation, coupled with a robust maintenance program is the most economical long-term plan.  Taking shortcuts today might cost less, but will almost certainly cause problems down the line.