HVAC Services for High-Security Environments.

Ensuring compliance, controlling climates, and maintaining wellbeing.

High-security environments bring their own challenge when it comes to effective ventilation and climate control – large numbers of people in confined spaces requires careful design and well-planned ventilation system maintenance to ensure the wellbeing of staff and other building occupants.  They also bring the challenge of additional security clearance for engineers and other conditions, all of which Salix has achieved.

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We Have Experience


Salix has worked in a number of prisons including HMP Highdown, HMP Highpoint, HMP The Mount to name a few.  Most of this work has been in relation to the repair and refurbishment of Air Handling Units, ensuring adequate and sufficient fresh air ventilation to spaces.

What Difference Does Salix Make?


Focus on Ventilation

While it may not have seemed an important topic before, Covid has highlighted the essential need for effective ventilation, especially in high-occupancy spaces like Prisons

Security Clearance

It is not any contractor that can work in high-security venues like prisons, but Salix has got the necessary clearance to enable us to meet these demands

Ensuring Compliance

High-security buildings, like any other public space, have an obligation to meet compliance requirements in terms of F-gas and Gas safe checks – we can help with all of this

Keeping to Budget

An effective HVAC maintenance program ensures cost-control, both through system operating efficiencies and longevity of HVAC assets

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We Are Now A GFSL Approved Supplier


Our team is proud to be a  GFSL-approved supplier.  GFSL are a non-profit organisation set up to deliver a range of facility services to high-security environments across the south of England.

Our Accreditations and Certifications

Salix Mechanical are trusted air conditioning installers and are certified to install and maintain all leading heating, ventilation, and air conditioning brands including Daikin, Mitsubishi, Panasonic, Toshiba, Swegon, Samsung, and Fujitsu. As a certified contractor for these systems, this allows us to uphold the manufacturer’s warranty for your systems and ensure the best performance and efficiency while extending the operating lifetime through regular, professional maintenance.

Our engineers are F-Gas certified by Refcom and servicing is carried out in accordance with the Mechanical Services Maintenance Standards set out in SFG20.

We also carry industry and health & safety accreditations such as SMAS, Construction Line Gold, GFSL, and Achilles, giving you peace of mind that you are backed up by a professional and recognised M&E contractor. 

We are clear on our reason for being – not to be the cheapest air conditioning contractor, but to offer the best value to our customers.  This is because we firmly believe that the best air conditioning design and quality installation, coupled with a robust maintenance program is the most economical long-term plan.  Taking shortcuts today might cost less, but will almost certainly cause problems down the line. 

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