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Following many years of success with our popular AirCare offering, we have recently introduced VentCare – a suite of services specifically designed around the requirement for ventilation in working areas.  The importance of ventilation has been highlighted and reinforced following the recent global pandemic and Salix have responded with services to assist our clients in maximising the quality of the air in their working environments.

Services offered under our VentCare banner:

  • FREE Ventilation Survey
  • UV-C Technology
  • Air Purification
  • Disinfectant Fumigation

Free Ventilation Survey


To assist you in your responsibility to provide a safe and clean working environment, Salix has developed a FREE Ventilation validation survey, VentCare. We can analyse your current ventilation equipment and make recommendations for any changes that you may need to consider.

Ventilation is often confused with air conditioning. Ventilation is the actual cycle of stale air being replaced by fresh air from outside the building, as opposed to air conditioning or heating which simply cools and/or heats the air within a building. It is perhaps alarming to realise that a lot of offices do not comply with basic ventilation requirements, which puts these environments in the category of a toxic environment, in some cases worse than a badly polluted city centre.

There are various requirements set out by REHVA (the Federation of European Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning Associations) and will vary based on the type of space, as well as the type of building – i.e. many modern ‘sealed’ buildings will have a much higher ventilation requirement.

Recent advice released by REHVA indicates that increased ventilation will have a positive effect on reducing the spread of any germs or virus

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UV-C Air Sanitisation Technology


One of the only proven long-term solutions to make HVAC systems completely safe and minimise the circulation of any germs is to install Ultra-Violet (UV-C) technology in conjunction with the ventilation ductwork of your HVAC system.

This UV-C technology can be retrofitted to your existing system in most cases and provides effective and long-term protection against viruses, bacteria and mould.

UV-C technology is completely safe for building occupants and works 24/7 with only minor annual maintenance required.  Due to the fact that it keeps biological fouling (mould) build-up, it also helps to keep your HVAC systems working effectively, thereby extending their useful life.

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Air Purification

Salix Air Purifier Range

Salix has introduced a range of air purification devices that can be used in any setting to provide a healthy and safe environment.   Our range of devices purifies and sanitises the air by eliminating bacteria, mould, viruses, pollutants and odours.

These units are completely portable, yet can achieve a full cleanroom environment with positive or negative pressure area for infection control. 


Salix AP101

The Salix  AP101 air purifier unit provides high efficiency Hepa and UV-C filtration and can be used in many applications to improve air quality.

  • Compact and mobile design
  • H14 grade Hepa filtration for fine particle removal
  • UV-C filtration for the removal of bacterial and viruses
  • Simple filter replacement and easy maintenance
  • External connection kit for fresh air supply
  • Suitable for use in offices, meeting rooms, waiting rooms, classrooms, hotels and any other occupied spaces

Salix AP108

The Salix AP108 is a versatile air purifier that can create a full cleanroom environment or be used in general of­fice areas, waiting rooms and other occupied spaces.  With filtration levels up to H14 grade and the capacity to introduce or exhaust air, it is able to create either a positive or negative pressure area for complete infection control, patient isolation and other cleanroom applications.

  • Cleanroom certified
  • Low Energy Consumption and low noise
  • Long Filter Life
  • O.P Certificated
  • User Friendly Control Panel
  • Easy Maintenance

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Disinfectant Fumigation


Salix is now offering our unique antibacterial disinfectant fumigation service for your ventilation ductwork and air conditioning filters.  This is more than just a cleaning service - our team of engineers are equipped with specialist equipment allowing us to offer a highly effective micro-fumigation on any contaminated surfaces.

Our AirCare disinfecting service is aimed at your HVAC system, but can easily be widened out to your whole working environment.  The specialist chemical solution that we use is completely safe and non-corrosive for all surfaces.  Tests have shown that our disinfectant destroys all known viruses and 99% of bacteria and fungi

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For more than 35 years, Salix engineers have been helping organisations like yours create cleaner, more comfortable, more cost-effective environments – and we pride ourselves on being able to address the issues that others haven’t been able to solve.

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