The importance of maintaining your Air Conditioning

Maintenance of your air conditioning and ventilation systems is critical for many reasons and should be viewed as an investment in your key assets rather than a running expense.

While the reasons for HVAC maintenance are many, we believe they fall into three main categories:

Your People

With more focus than ever on providing a working environment that is clean and safe, it is imperative that your HVAC equipment is kept clean and in prime working order. Salix offers a specialist equipment cleaning service as part of every maintenance contract, which includes disinfectant ‘fogging’ of all ductwork and equipment.

It is also essential that there is adequate fresh air supply through sufficient ventilation provision, and we can offer a complimentary survey, to check that your ventilation meets current regulation.

Your Assets

It goes without saying, that maintaining any capital equipment will give ensure that it performs better and for a longer period of time. There is no exception when it comes to your HVAC system and we recommend a 6-monthly service as a minimum to ensure that systems are operating correctly, efficiently and safely.

It is also the case that most manufacturers insist on new equipment being maintained, in order to maintain the defects warranty. Salix are accredited installers and maintenance partners of many of the leading brands, so we can ensure that your warranty is kept valid and up to date.

Your Bottom Line

We understand that you are in business to make money and our maintenance package designed to help you achieve this. It is no coincidence that many employees rate their working environment as one of the key contributing factors to their productivity. So, investing in your environment will directly impact your bottom-line profitability.

Regular servicing ensures that equipment is running efficiently and that you are not over-paying on your energy bills. But it also means that we can quickly identify any equipment that is malfunctioning and offer a repair, which could potentially avert a significant capital expense.

As mentioned above, our servicing package also ensure that your manufacturer warranty is upheld, preventing you from needlessly being exposed to the costs of equipment failure.

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