Ventilation Validation

  What Is A Ventilation Validation Survey?


In most instances of modern ventilation systems, we would assume that the ventilation equipment has been correctly designed and sized, to serve the area in which it is installed.  However, sometimes there is a requirement to carry out an independent ventilation validation survey, to ensure that the ventilation system is meeting its intended purpose.

This survey will provide a detailed summary of the exact performance of the mechanical ventilation system that is installed, covering off everything from basic system operation, through to the exact volume of fresh air that is supplied to each area of the building.  This then needs to be compared to the actual requirement of the space, to ensure that the supply of fresh air is adequate.

Ventilation Validation

Salix engineers carrying out a Ventilation Validation survey on an Air Handling Unit

Why Might I Need To Carry Out A Ventilation Validation Survey?


There are many reasons why a Ventilation Validation survey might be required, not least because buildings change over time, with adaptions to the use of the working areas – ventilation systems that were installed originally may no longer be adequate for the revised space and need adapting to suit.

Another reason may be that the actual use of the space is changing – there are various regulations around the quantity of fresh air required in different environments and if any of these factors change then the ventilation system may be subject to review.  For example, a gym or active environment needs a much higher level of fresh air supplied to the space than an office environment.  Likewise, some healthcare environments require a high level of fresh air to minimise the spread of airborne infection.

What Is Included In A Ventilation Validation?


In simple terms, a ventilation validation survey is a series of measurements taken throughout the ventilation system to ensure sufficient airflow.  Specialist equipment is used to take measurements within air handling units, the ductwork and then actually at the outlet grille locations.  All of this data is then compiled into a report, to give the customer a clear summary of the effectiveness of their current ventilation systems.

Ventilation Grille

Specialist tool used to measure air flow from a floor mounted ventilation grille.

What Are The Likely Outcomes Of A Ventilation Validation?


Once you have received your ventilation report, you will have clear evidence for any additional ventilation requirements that you may need to consider or any adaptions that you might need to consider to your existing system.

Salix offers Ventilation Validation services, including advice around improvements and adaptions that you might need to consider within your current systems.

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