What is a TM44 Inspection?

A TM44 inspection is carried out by an accredited assessor covering the overall operating efficiency of your Air Conditioning and ventilation systems.  This includes an appraisal as to whether the system is adequate for the space it covers, as well as a detailed analysis of the control of the system and how this is set up.  A TM44 inspection is required for premises where the cooling capacity of the air conditioning systems installed has a combined output of 12kw or more.

The purpose of the inspection is to provide business owners with informative statistics regarding the efficiency of their cooling and heating systems. The report will include advice on how you could save money by becoming more energy efficient in the operation of your HVAC systems.  This could include simple measures that may be being overlooked, such as different climate controls simultaneously heating and cooling.

Do I have to do a TM44 inspection by law?


Yes, do you.  Air conditioning systems of a certain size require a TM44 Inspection every 5 years – these are different to f-gas checks and are more focused on the operating efficiency of the systems.  TM44 inspections are governed by the Energy Performance of Buildings Directive.  The inspection itself is mandatory, but the recommendations made are not legally binding.

Failure to arrange a TM44 inspection when it is due can result in a statutory fine of £300, with an additional £200 if you fail to provide the outstanding inspection report within 7 days of it being requested.

While TM44 inspections may seem like an unnecessary expense, we would encourage building owners to look at the recommendations provided by the report – you may find that there are some quick and significant savings that you could make in your energy bills, more than paying for the cost of the inspection!

How often do you have to do a TM44 inspection?


A TM44 inspection must be carried out every 5 years.  TM44 reports are logged on a government database once they have been completed, so building owners should be vigilant in ensuring that their inspection records are kept up to date.  The first TM44 inspection is required 5 years following the initial installation of your air conditioning system.

If you are unsure when you last had a TM44 inspection or would like clarification on when you should next book one in, please contact Salix and we will be glad to help.


How much does a TM44 inspection cost?


This depends a bit on the size and complexity of your system, but typical commercial premises could look to pay between £600 and £1,500 for an inspection, depending on the quantity and type of equipment on site.  We would always recommend contacting Salix to get an accurate quotation for your TM44 inspection, as it is difficult to give an accurate cost to cover all situations.

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